04.09.10: Bel Canto in Tromsø (15) (Photo: Thomas Olsen ) NEW
07.11.09: Röyksopp & Anneli in Hamburg (18) (Photo: Danny Maack )
28.10.06: Bel Canto live in Oslo (31) (Photo: Thomas Olsen )
13.03.06: Backstage, Rockefeller, Oslo (1) (Photo: A. Eriksen )
11.03.06: Official Press Images of Anneli (6) (Photo: Jan Alsaker )
18.12.05: Thon Gospel Choir feat. Anneli (4) (Photo: Steve Nilsen )
29.11.05: Röyksopp & Anneli in Milan (10) (Photo: Ester Pasotto)
19.11.05: Röyksopp & Anneli in Oslo (15) (Photo: Thomas Olsen)
18.11.05: Bel Canto live in Harstad (7) (Photo: Steve Nilsen )
17.11.05: Bel Canto live in Horten (22) (Photo: Thomas Olsen)
12.11.05: Bel Canto live in Bergen (10) (Photo: Thomas Schoeler)
12.11.05: Bel Canto live in Bergen (10) (Photo: Richard Moore)
04.11.05: Bel Canto live in Drammen (6) (Photo: Jan Helge Hordnes)
17.10.05: Röyksopp & Anneli in Norwich (3) (Photo: Richard Moore)
28.07.05: Anneli live in Trondheim (9) (Photo: Richard Moore)
25.06.05: Anneli live at Europride Oslo (19) (Photo: Thomas Olsen)
03.12.04: Bel Canto live in Asker (10) (Photo: Michael Katz)

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