JANUARY 17 2005

This spring Anneli will release a brand new solo album. We asked Anneli to tell us about the process making the album and her new sound, among other things related to her second solo project. The topics are based on the questions we asked you to send us in December last year. Thank you to everyone who contributed! The article will be presented in 3 parts, the second and third part with additional photos will be published the following two weeks.


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    Hello everyone and a happy, joyful new year to all of you.

    The process in making this album has been both long and short, on and off in between other assignments like a-ha, Bel Canto, Idol, and last but not least; motherhood.

    Over the last two or so years I have brought my laptop, a mic and a midi keyboard with me everywhere I go, writing songs and making demos whenever I've had the chance.

    Last winter I basically had the songs for the album (and a lot more!) but decided to finish the Idol circus before I went any further. In july, I was so lucky to have Gareth Jones coming over to Oslo and work with me on two, three songs.

    That really gave me a big push forwards in the process. We had a great time and did some real good things together. But then I had to take a break because of the theater play Peer Gynt and Gareth got busy with other bookings.


    So when autumn came, I was desperate to move on. I got myself a nice room by a waterfall in Oslo and installed a studio in september. With my own studio outside home it was easier to bring other musicians in and also to obtain a daily working rythm. So, then I started zeroing in on which songs to go for and which ones would fit together.

    I also bought new software and spent some time in getting into my new gear. During this autumn, I have worked with several people, all Norwegian, Jonas Lie Theis, Gaute Barlindhaud, Hans Peter Lindstrøm and Raymon Hansen.

    With Raymon and Gaute we just sent sound files back and forth by snail mail and Hans Peter, he and I worked togeher on two tracks in my studio. Jonas has been my musical partner on a daily basis, adding his assistence both musically and technically.

    Jonas shares the overview with me on this project, which is comforting. How I found them? I know them, two from Tromsø, Jonas from the music scene in Oslo and Hans Peter via a friend of mine and also via EMI. I met Gareth Jones through Shane, whom we met in Mexico and who is sometimes posting in the forum. Thanx Shane!


    Richard Lowe and Anneli in Disclab studio.

    Now, we have finished programming and recording in my studio and have moved to Disclab to mix the songs. Richard Lowe, which also mixed Bel Canto's last cd "Dorothy's Victory" is mixing it.

    Other collaborators are Lauren Savoy on vocals (of course, had to!!) and Roger Ludviksen (Mari Boine's musical companion) on guitar and Aslak Dørum on bass on some tracks. You mexican fans will probably remember Aslak speaking spanish in our concert in Mexico City. So, you see, all in all it turns out to be a very local album sproject. BUT that's the way I wanted it. And all done in Oslo and Tromsø, my hometowns.

    All of the songs I sing in english. Sorry if I am disappointing anyone now.

    EMI and I haven't decided on a first singel yet so it is a bit hard to commment on that right now. We are already talking about remixes. All of this will be decided really soon.

    The second part in this series will be published next week.


    Anneli working on her Mac in her private studio.