17.11.2006: Protector of the sunflower, performing with ice, and another appearence as a TV-judge. Here's the latest Anneli-news.

Let's start with the most exciting new: Anneli will do an ice concert at the forthcoming Ice Festival in Geilo, Norway.

Every year new artists perform concerts, with instruments made of ice! Anneli will collaborate with Espen Jørgensen, who's previously worked with Unni Wilhelmsen, and write a special piece of music for the festival. Jørgensen will live in an igloo and work on his ice-guitar prior to the performance. And Anneli will of course sing with her ice-clear voice.

The music they will perform is decribed as melodious, beautiful and mellow. And the concert will concist of mostly new material according to Ice Festival's website. The festival will take place between January 31st and February 4th next year. Anneli and Espen Jørgensen will perform on February 1st.

This Saturday Anneli will return to prime time television and judge the finale of NRK's talent show Kjempesjansen. In every show there are new celebrety judges, and Anneli is invited to give her opinion in the grand finale. After all she's got the experience after a season with Pop Idol a couple of years ago.

The contesters are all selected by NRK to join in the competition because they are already doing well in their genre. And in every show they recieve money from the jury and from the viewers, the money from voting goes directly to the artist, even if they win or not. And the money will be used to develope the talents and push their careers a little bit further. Read more at

Protector of the Sunflower
A couple of weeks ago Anneli accepted to be the protector of the sunflower. In a role play Anneli was handed over a flower pot with a small sunflower, and she had to promise to take good care of it, give it light and water to make it grow.

The sunflower protectors are ambasadors for SOS Children's Villages, and Anneli was excited to participate as she is already supporting a child through their program. The two photos in this article are from the ceremony in Oslo. Anneli did also bring Luna as you can see. Read more about this at SOS Children's Villages Norwegian website.

Text: Thomas Olsen, Photo: Synne Rønning/SOS Children's Villages Norway